President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has reiterated his commitment to lead this Government free of corruption, while speaking at the ceremony held on Thursday to mark this year’s International Anti-Corruption Day.

At the ceremony, the President asserted that he would not hesitate to take legal action against anyone guilty of corruption in this Government and continue his best efforts to raise awareness of corruption. Likewise, the President stated that his Government's policy lies in full collaboration with all efforts to combat corruption.

Shedding light on the theme of International Anti-Corruption Day, "Uniting the World against Corruption," the President noted that it demonstrated the need for global cooperation in the fight against corruption.

The President additionally called on everyone to begin saying "no" to corruption and highlighted the importance of incorporating the battle against corruption on a national scale. He implored individuals to stop making requests to ask for things outside the rules and further urged everyone to be obedient, cautious, sincere, and religiously motivated, especially those in positions of authority in the nation.

The President formally inaugurated the Maldives National Anti-Corruption Academy during the ceremony. This academy's main objectives are to educate, train and develop human resources to investigate economic crimes and corruption.

The ceremony was followed by the National Survey on Corruption 2023 being made public. The President additionally introduced the Corruption Risk Self-Assessment Toolkit and the Maldives Anti-Corruption Trust Fund.