President Dr Mohamed Muizzu made a firm commitment to ensure that the Maldives remains free of any foreign military presence, thereby preserving its independence and sovereignty. He made the remarks at the parliament session for the oath-taking ceremony to mark his inauguration as the Maldives’ President, held at Republic Square this evening.

The President expressed his commitment to prioritising the interests of the citizens of the Maldives, ensuring that no external nation’s interests will supersede those of the Maldives and its people. He elaborated on his vision for the Maldives’ foreign policy, emphasising the preservation of amicable relations with neighbouring and distant countries. President Dr Muizzu highlighted that the Maldives would reciprocate the respect for independence and sovereignty that it expects from other nations.

The President underscored that the foundation of a free society or nation is built upon the principles and norms that we uphold and believe in. In this regard, he highlighted the crucial role of Maldivian society in fostering goodness and rectifying wrongs, thereby highlighting the community's collective responsibility.

Noting the pivotal role of education in society, President Dr Muizzu affirmed that his administration is committed to utilising the expertise of educated individuals across all fields in implementing policies. He highlighted that scholarly research would become the foundation for formulating national development policies. The President also emphasised his commitment to nurturing a sense of religious devotion within people, particularly the youth.

In his inaugural address, President Dr Muizzu characterised women as the nation's driving force and the bedrock of the country’s resilience. He affirmed his administration’s commitment to safeguarding women’s rights and fostering empowerment among women and youth. He further emphasised the importance of political empowerment and modern technology to foster connections with the global community. He added that he believed it would enable them to conduct business and bring their innovative ideas and products to the forefront.

Highlighting the indispensable role of workers in nation-building, President Dr Muizzu asserted that his administration would accord the highest priority to various forms of labour, encompassing sectors such as fishing, farming, construction, and carpentry. In this context, the President emphasised that his administration is committed to making modern knowledge and technology accessible and beneficial to the Maldives. He expressed confidence that the country will be able to adopt the latest technological tools from around the world, thereby enhancing income levels and skill sets.

The President affirmed that under his administration, society will continue to respect the faithful and dedicated leaders who have contributed significantly to the nation’s progress.

In his address, President Dr Muizzu also announced initiating a national project to rekindle patriotism to preserve and pass on our national identity to future generations. He emphasised that this endeavour to rejuvenate our sense of nationhood will cultivate and nourish the emotional, spiritual, and meaningful connections that bind the Maldivian people together.