Vice President Faisal Naseem highlighted on Wednesday the importance of further developing human resources in the Maldivian aviation industry and stressed that additional investment in training and education is necessary to ensure the continued growth and success of the industry. He made this statement while speaking at the graduation ceremony held at Meerumaa Hall for students who completed the pilot training programme at the Maldivian Aviation Academy (MAA).

At the ceremony, Vice President Naseem highlighted the challenges faced by the students due to the closure of the Asian Aviation Academy (AAA) and the administration's efforts to find a solution, which led to the establishment of the Maldivian Aviation Academy. The Vice President also emphasised the importance of increasing the number of locals working in the Maldivian aviation industry.

At the ceremony, the Vice President presented certificates to the first batch of students who completed the pilot training programme at MAA. To date, 18 students have completed their courses at the institution, with an additional 15 currently enrolled in classes and 10 students preparing to begin training at the academy.

The Maldivian Aviation Academy in Gan, Addu City, was officially inaugurated on December 28, 2021. The academy was established to address the challenges faced by Maldivian students following the closure of AAA. It offers high-quality training and education to its students, intending to foster the development of local talent and promote the growth of the aviation industry in the Maldives.