President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih inaugurated several newly completed infrastructure projects on Maakurathu and Ungoofaaru Islands on Tuesday as part of his ongoing visit to some islands in Raa Atoll. These projects included the healthcare centre extension and football ground on Maakurathu Island and the new extension block of the Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital on Ungoofaaru Island. Completing these projects marks a significant step forward in developing the islands and their infrastructure.

The new extension building of the healthcare centre on Maakurathu Island, constructed by Samaal Construction Pvt. Ltd., comprises an administrative area for managing healthcare employees, a public health unit providing preventative and promotional health services, a health education room, and a storeroom. The construction of this facility demonstrates the administration's commitment to delivering quality healthcare services to the local community. Additionally, the football ground unveiled on Maakurathu Island has been layered with turf, providing a high-quality playing surface for local athletes.

The new extension building of the Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital, developed by Alia Investment Pvt. Ltd., features a range of state-of-the-art facilities, including an emergency room, a radiology room, a laboratory, a theatre, a Clinical Services Specialist (CSS) room, and a private ward with ten beds. These new facilities will significantly enhance the healthcare services available to the local community, providing them with improved access to medical care and support.

Under the leadership of President Solih, the administration has achieved significant strides towards equitable development across all inhabited islands in the Maldives. This includes enhancing the quality of life for citizens and empowering them to lead dignified lives. The administration's commitment to progress and innovation is evident in the numerous projects and initiatives implemented to improve living standards and promote sustainable development throughout the country.