President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih designated Thinadhoo Island in Gaafu Dhaal Atoll as a City, effective August 30, 2023. The declaration was made under the powers vested in the President by Section 51 (a) of the Decentralisation Act of the Maldives (Law number 7/2010).

The declaration has now been published in the Government Gazette.

President Solih designated Thinadhoo Island as a city due to its substantial population and its crucial role in providing a wide range of services to residents of the area. As the region's economic hub, administration and development efforts in Thinadhoo must be carried out under the administration's plan for the island's development.

Under the provisions of the Decentralisation Act, if an island or region applies for city status and meets the requirements specified in the Act, the President is authorised to declare city status for that island or area. In his decree, President Solih declared that Thinadhoo Island had met the requirements. With the designation of Thinadhoo as a city, the number of cities in the Maldives has increased to five.