President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih attended ceremonies to inaugurate newly completed infrastructure on Gaadhiffushi and Madifushi Islands in Thaa Atoll on Monday. They included a water and sewerage network, coastal protection, a new FENAKA office on Gaadhiffushi Island, and a volleyball court on Madifushi Island.

President Solih officially inaugurated the new infrastructure on Gaadhiffushi and Madifushi Islands as part of his ongoing tour of the atoll. The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) completed the development of the water and sewerage network and the coastal protection project on Gaadhiffushi Island. The coastal protection project included the installation of 500 metres of revetment and 15 metres of groynes. The new FENAKA office opened today is a spacious and modern facility that can accommodate up to 30 employees.

On Madifushi Island, President Solih inaugurated the new volleyball court developed by the administration. The project was contracted to Brilliant Company Pvt. Ltd. These developments are expected to improve the quality of life for residents of the islands.

The administration has implemented various initiatives to provide modern football grounds, futsal fields, and sports courts across the atolls. These efforts are designed to promote healthy and active lifestyles among young people, foster the development of local athletic talent, and create a more vibrant and active community. By providing access to high-quality sports facilities, these initiatives are helping to achieve these goals.