President Mohamed Nasheed has said that the major work to save the country for future generations could only be done at the international stage. The President made this statement while speaking at the children’s festival held to mark the World Environment Day and World Ocean Day.

The function, which is among a series of events organised to mark World Environment Day and World Ocean Day, was held at the Artificial Beach area, today.

The President, however, emphasised that it was the responsibility of the country to identify and do whatever it can to save the country for future generations.

He said that human beings had always exploited the planet, but emphasised that natural resources were limited.

The President said that many scientists believed that huge environmental changes were taking place. He added the environments of the islands of the Maldives were no exception to that.

Speaking further, the President said that as part of development, lagoons surrounding many of the islands had to be dredged. He, however, said the Maldives needed to find environmentally sustainable ways for constructing harbours and breakwaters.

In his speech, the President also focused the works that were needed to be done to protect our reefs and lagoons.

Speaking on the importance of protecting our reefs, the President said that naming reefs and corals was a measure that could help protect the reefs.

He further said in addition to the work that could be carried out in the international arena, it was also important to secure funds for environmental projects.

At today’s function, a pledge by students on protecting our oceans and lagoons was read out by Ahmed Rishfan, a student of Iskandhar School. Later, the written pledge was presented to President Nasheed by the student.

After his statement, President Nasheed participated in a painting event that was held during the function.