President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih officially opened on Tuesday several newly completed infrastructure projects on the islands of Maalhos and Dhonfanu in Baa Atoll. The President began his visit on Maalhos Island, where he inaugurated the water and sewerage network project. He then travelled to Dhonfanu Island, where he inaugurated the island's coastal protection, harbour, powerhouse, and FENAKA office.

The development of the water supply and sewerage network on Maalhos Island was carried out by the Malé Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC). The newly opened infrastructure represents significant investments in the development and well-being of the local communities.

The harbour and coastal protection projects on Dhonfanu Island were completed by MT Højgaard Pvt. Ltd. The coastal protection project included the development of a 536-metre revetment, while the harbour project involved dredging to increase its depth, constructing a quay wall and outer seawall, installing new ramps and port lights, and paving to improve accessibility and functionality. These enhancements will provide significant benefits to the local community.

On Dhonfanu Island, President Solih inaugurated the new FENAKA office and powerhouse. These state-of-the-art facilities include a powerhouse with a power generation capacity of 650 kilowatts. The facilities were strategically located away from the residential area to minimise disruption to the island's inhabitants.

Under President Solih's leadership, the administration has achieved significant strides towards equitable development across all inhabited islands in the Maldives. This includes enhancing the quality of life for citizens and empowering them to lead dignified lives. During his visits to various islands, President Solih is officially inaugurating the completion of numerous projects and services.