The administration released the final list of recipients for land plots in the ‘Binveriya’ Housing Scheme on Sunday, marking the completion of the selection process for the scheme. The list has been published in the Government Gazette and is now available for public viewing.

At a press conference held at the President’s Office this evening, Akram Kamaaluddin, the Minister of State for National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure, provided details on the procedures to finalise the list of recipients for the housing scheme. He announced that land allotments from Hulhumalé and Gulhifalhu for the beneficiaries would begin this week, following a drawing of lots among the recipients.

A total of 19,631 individuals have been deemed eligible in the final list for the ‘Binveriyaa’ Housing Scheme, with 18,948 set to receive one of the currently available 9,003 land plots. The final list was published this evening after thoroughly reviewing the preliminary list of beneficiaries and carefully considering any complaints or inquiries.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has committed to addressing the housing situation in the Malé region. The ‘Binveriyaa’ Housing Scheme represents the most comprehensive housing initiative ever undertaken in the country, reflecting the administration’s dedication to finding a solution to this pressing issue. This ambitious project aims to provide housing to residents and improve the overall quality of life in the region.