Vice President Faisal Naseem urged teachers to nurture the next generation for productivity and positive behaviour during his speech at the closing ceremony of the Cambridge Teacher's Job Alike Session on Saturday. In his remarks, the Vice President emphasised teachers' crucial role in shaping young people's minds and character. He urged educators to focus on instilling values that would help students become productive members of society with positive behaviour.

Shri Educare Limited of India organised the Cambridge Teacher's Job Alike Session in collaboration with Ghiyasuddin International School and the National Institute of Education (NIE). The event was hosted by Ghiyasuddin International School. Speaking at the closing ceremony, Vice President Naseem underscored the effort teachers already expend in raising students. He also highlighted the administration's initiatives to develop individuals through training in the educational field and increase teacher salaries.

Highlighting the importance of teachers staying abreast of the rapidly changing world, the Vice President encouraged them to seek new knowledge continuously. He also advised teachers to pay special attention to preserving the heritage of their students by guiding them towards a positive future while avoiding the negative influences of society.

At the event, the Vice President presented certificates to the schools in attendance. The Cambridge Teacher's Job Alike Session was a comprehensive day-long training and development programme designed to provide professional development opportunities to 258 teachers of grades 9 and 10 from schools in the Malé region.