First Lady Fazna Ahmed launched the book "Kudhin Tharubihyathu Kurumah Fahi Mageh," written by renowned academic Ahmed Fayaz Hassan, at a ceremony held on Thursday at the National Library. During her speech, the First Lady discussed the relevance of the information provided in the book to daily life and emphasised the significance of the book's release, noting that parenting is a daily effort and a learning experience.

The First Lady highlighted the importance of setting a good example for children as one of the most effective parenting approaches. She also stressed the importance of parents trusting their children and not losing faith, even if their children do not follow their chosen path.

The First Lady also shared her own experiences as a teacher and a mother. The book "Kudhin Tharubihyathu Kurumah Fahi Mageh" offers an in-depth exploration of parenting from an Islamic perspective, tailored to the local context.