Vice President Faisal Naseem highlighted on Wednesday the significance of even the most minor contributions to the nation, urging citizens to find joy and fulfilment in serving their country and viewing service to the nation as a source of personal happiness. He made these remarks while speaking at a ceremony held at Addu High School to commemorate the 58th anniversary of the Maldives’ independence.

In his address, the Vice President extended his Independence Day greetings and best wishes to the citizens of Addu City and all Maldivians. In recognition of the Maldives’ Independence Day, he emphasised the importance of honouring the bravery and sacrifices of the national heroes who fought for the country’s independence. Furthermore, he affirmed that maintaining national peace is a top priority for this administration.

Highlighting the ongoing development efforts in Addu City, the Vice President stated that the administration has the potential to transform the city through its current projects. In his speech, he encouraged students to become dedicated workers and serve their country in all pursuits. He also called on the youth to collaborate and work towards the nation’s progress.

Following the ceremony, the Vice President met with officials from Addu City’s schools at Addu High School, where he was briefed on their most pressing needs, including human resources and maintenance challenges. In response, the Vice President stated that he would speak with the appropriate government agencies to address the issue.