President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih conferred the President’s Award for Special Achievement and the Special Medal for Memorising the Noble Quran to 28 recipients at an official ceremony held on Wednesday at the Maldives Centre for Social Education (MCSE) in commemoration of the Maldives’ 58th anniversary of independence.

This year’s recipients of the awards included 15 individuals who received medals for achieving the highest rank in an academic or skill training course, two honourees were awarded for attaining the highest level in an international exhibition or competition, one individual was recognised for their skill and innovation, and ten individuals were recognised for their outstanding achievement in memorising the Holy Quran while attaining the highest grade.

Individuals recognised for achieving the highest ranking position in a higher academic course at MQA Rank 7, 8 or 9:

  1. Uz Aishath Zahaa
  2. Mr. Ahmed Shujau
  3. Sheikh Hussain Nashath Ibrahim
  4. Mr Ahmed Ibrahim
  5. Ms Aishath Rifga
  6. Uz Zaif Hassan Fazal
  7. Ms Aminath Jumana
  8. Ms Irunaau Shareef
  9. Mr Luth Ismail Shafeeq
  10. Mr Ali Ahmed
  11. Mr Mohamed Arusham Hussain
  12. Mr Ahmed Hashim
  13. Ms Azha Mohamed Yoosuf
  14. Ms Aminath Ihsana
  15. Ms Rana Mohamed Naeem

Individuals recognised for achieving the highest level in an international exhibition or competition:

  1. Ms Aishath Laika Hussain
  2. Ms Aishath Maniya Adam

Individual recognised for their skill and innovation:

  1. RoboMan

Individuals recognised with the President’s Special Medal for Committing the Holy Quran to Memory at the highest level:

  1. Al-Hafiza Aminath Aifa
  2. Al-Hafiz Sha'af Hamid Ibrahim
  3. Al-Hafiz Abaan Ibrahim
  4. Al-Hafiza Mariyam Mohamed Didi
  5. Al-Hafiz Ahmed Raaiu Bashyr
  6. Al-Hafiz Hassan Naseer
  7. Al-Hafiza Rauha Ismail
  8. Al-Hafiza Aishath Aan Rasheed
  9. Al-Hafiz Izuan Ibrahim
  10. Al-Hafiz Mibsaam Salman

During the ceremony, President Solih extended his congratulations to all recipients of the President’s Awards and Special Medals.