Vice President Faisal Naseem emphasised on Tuesday the vital contribution of women to social development and urged for more efforts to create opportunities for women in various fields. He made these remarks at the Islamic Centre during the function commemorating this year's World Population Day.

Speaking at the function, the Vice President addressed the importance of women's empowerment and its impact on social stability and community development. He also outlined the administration's initiatives to support women and called for more efforts to enhance opportunities for women.

The Vice President launched the 'State of the World Population Report' and the 'Census 2022' results at the function. He expressed appreciation to all those who contributed to preparing the SWP Report and the census results. He added that the census results for 2022 would facilitate the identification of priority areas for national development planning.

The Vice President continued to highlight the importance of putting the nation first and making national development the highest priority. He also called for a joint effort to attain national development and promote an economic transition.

At the end of the function, the Vice President visited the "For Every Age" photo exhibition organised by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Maldives Bureau of Statistics. The exhibition at the Islamic Centre showcased the stories and experiences of individuals from diverse backgrounds and aimed to raise awareness of the lifecycle approach and gender dimensions of preventing ageing populations.