President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated on Wednesday that the future of Faresmaathodaa Island in the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll looks promising with the opening of its new airport. He made the statement while addressing tonight's function to inaugurate the new airport developed on the island.

The President stated that, as envisioned in his administration's air connectivity policy, the communities of every island in the Huvadhu Atoll, except for one, could now reach an airport within 20-30 minutes. He added that this was the vision of the administration for every atoll.

Speaking about the administration's efforts to develop airports nationwide, President Solih emphasised that completing the projects would enhance air connectivity, increase jobs, and enliven economic activities.

The President also noted the immense support and assistance of the island's community to the airport project, which he said had a positive impact on the project's outcome. He added that a centralised powerhouse had been established, coupled with an enhanced electricity network. He also noted that the administration would complete the sewerage project soon.

President Solih also stated that the administration would develop the road between the airport and the residential area after completing the causeway project. He added that the airport would fuel new jobs and economic activities in the region, ensuring a bright and promising future.

Faresmaathodaa Airport is the fourth airport in Huvadhu Atoll. The project saw the development of a 1,200-metre by 30-metre runway alongside other modern airport facilities. It can also accommodate flights at night.

The design of the passenger terminal was inspired by the "Odiharuge," the traditional hut-like structure made from palm leaves and spines used for boat building, and features environmentally friendly aspects. Another feature that stands out is the ability of those in the terminal building to see the boarding passengers.