President Mohamed Nasheed has said his administration does not wish to relocate and resettle people from one island to another. The President made this statement while speaking with the people of Kun’burudhoo. He said that we should not neglect small islands and that if we do so we might have to leave the Maldives.

President also said that the government would work closely with the People’s Majlis to ensure that the hopes of the people become a reality.

The last leg of his tour to South Ari Atoll was at Mahibadhoo. Speaking with the people of the island this evening, the President highlighted the government’s efforts to bring prosperity and development to the people of the Maldives.

Speaking in this regard, the President said that basic utilities such as water, sewerage and electricity were the backbone of a country’s development.

Focusing on the developmental projects planned for Mahibadhoo, the President said that government plans to expand the island harbour and that provision of safe drinking water was also a high priority. Furthermore, the President said that the government’s objective was to bring about a sustainable development to the country. He further reiterated the government’s commitment to fulfil its pledges and urged the people not feel disheartened.