President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Friday conveyed his condolences to the family of the late “Haivakaru” Ahmedfulhu. The President expressed his sympathies to the bereaved family and recalled the late Ahmedfulhu's exemplary service to the nation.

The late Ahmedfulhu passed away early Friday morning while undergoing treatment at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH). He was 89.

The late Ahmedfulhu began his service on October 8, 1953, spending most of his career in the armed forces. His service record for the armed forces spanned over 24 years, where he held senior positions, including the ranks 1-4 of “Sarudhaaru.”

During his career, the late Ahmedfulhu also held the position of Atoll Chief for Mulakatholhu, Faadhippolhu, and Addu Atolls. He served as the Atoll Chief of Mulakatholhu for two terms.

At the Ministry of Atolls Administration, the late Ahmedfulhu served as the Assistant Under Secretary and Manager and Assistant Manager of the Rentals Division. He also served as the Director and Assistant Director General at the Ministry of Information, Arts and Culture.

The late Ahmedfulhu also worked as the Manager of the Central Hospital and served as the Director General and Assistant Director General at the Community Organisations Development Council. He served in various senior positions in the government and armed forces in a career that spanned over 53 years.