President Mohamed Nasheed has made new senior government appointments. The new appointments are as follows:

1. Mr Ahmed Naseer as the President of the National Centre for Linguistic and Historical Centre
2. Ms Mariya Ali as the Deputy Minister of Health and Family
3. Mr Ibrahim Umar Maniku as the Deputy Minister of State for Home Affairs
4. Mr Mohamed Kamal and Mr Abdul Razzaq Aboobakuru as the Deputy Principal Collector of Customs
5. Mr Ismail Ahmed as the Councillor for Dhuvaafaru of North Maalhosmadulu Atoll
6. Mr Mohamed Nasheed Moosa as the Councillor for Kaashidhoo of Male’ Atoll
7. Mr Saeed Hassan as the Councillor for Feridhoo of North Ari Atoll
8. Ms Fathimath Niuma as the Deputy Under Secretary at the President’s Office
9. Mr Mohamed Waheed as the Senior Project Director at the President’s Office