Vice President Faisal Naseem on Saturday stated that the best investment an organisation could make is in the development of its human capital. He made the remarks while speaking at the opening of the second National Human Resource Convention and EXPO 2022. The Vice President was accompanied at the ceremony by First Lady Fazna Ahmed. 

Speaking at the event, the Vice President stated that the pandemic had taught invaluable lessons and challenged every aspect of how we work. The Vice President, emphasising the gradual recovery from the pandemic, said that innovative discussions on best practises regarding human resources and skills development are more important now than ever.

The Vice President highlighted that the pandemic had taught us that we could utilise technology to fulfil our routine tasks and that not every employee needed to be seated at a desk to improve productivity. He said that it had also taught us that employees’ mental health and well-being are as important as their physical safety and that we must learn lessons from the pandemic as we navigate our return to normalcy.

The Vice President stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration places a high precedence on developing human capacity, adding that numerous grants, scholarships, and loan opportunities are being provided for aspiring young professionals to further their education. He added, however, that a quality education alone would not suffice in developing human capital. He said that it is also critical that our young workforce has opportunities to build their confidence, leadership, and technical skills in the workplace.

In this regard, the Vice President urged all participants to step in to ensure a safe and conducive environment for their employees, stating that they were all in well-situated positions to guide the workforce to help them reach their full potential and ensure not only the success of the organisation but also the nation.

The Maldives Association of Human Resource Professionals (MAHRP) organised the two-day convention, featuring renowned local and international keynote speakers. It is themed "Transformation and Culture-Future of Human Capital."