President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday conveyed his condolences to the family of the late Mohamed Jaleel. The late Mohamed Jaleel, 74, of Kudarikilu Island in the Baa Atoll, passed away earlier on Sunday.

Speaking on the phone with the members of the bereaved family, President Solih extended his deepest sympathies to the family. He described the late Mohamed Jaleel as someone who had rendered invaluable services to the government and the people. He went on to highlight some of the most significant contributions to the nation by the late Mohamed Jaleel.

Some of the roles held by the late Mohamed Jaleel included his service as a member representing Baa Atoll in the People’s Special Majlis, assistant to the Attorney General of Baa Atoll, and magistrate of the Kudarikilu Court. He also served in senior positions in the previous Ministry of Atolls Development, including as undersecretary, lawyer, director, investigator, and senior investigator. He had also served as the senior administrator of 13 atoll offices on 26 different occasions.