President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday met with the island council members of Naivaadhoo Island in the South Thiladhunmathi Atoll. At the meeting held at the President's Office, President Solih and the council members discussed the administration's developmental plans for the island and the affairs of its residents.

The council members discussed with the President topics including harbour expansion, water and sewerage, land reclamation, and coastal protection projects, in addition to the need for tourism development closer to the island. They also discussed challenges posed due to space constraints in the council's secretariat, health centre and school. The council members went on to note staff shortages at the health centre and at the council secretariat. They also discussed the need for a volleyball stadium and other requirements for the socio-economic development of the island.

Speaking with the council members, President Solih briefed them on the latest ongoing developmental projects and plans for the island. Highlighting the concerns raised by the council members, the President assured them that the administration would work towards addressing them, especially staff shortage issues.