Vice President Faisal Naseem on Saturday afternoon attended a ceremony held in Fuvahmulah City to mark the commencement of a project to develop a Centre for the Holy Quran. The ceremony for the project was held as part of the Vice President’s two-day visit to the city.

Delivering his remarks at the ceremony, the Vice President spoke about the importance of building generations of productive citizens and asked experts and scholars in different fields to work towards this end. He noted that every single member of society should bear this responsibility.

Dr Ahmed Zahir, the Minister of Islamic Affairs, also spoke, highlighting the administration’s commitment to promoting religious education. He noted that the Quran centre being developed in Fuvahmulah City would be a hub for religious education in the region.

The new Quran Centre building would come with a reception area, a conference room, an auditorium, and a library. It would also include a separate office building and storage space, with the first floor housing four classrooms and a prayer room.