President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Tuesday evening met with the members of the Musicians’ Union of Maldives and discussed with them ways to develop the industry further. The meeting was held at the President’s official residence, Mulee’aage.

At the meeting, the members of the union shared with the President the situation facing local musicians, artists, and other industry stakeholders and discussed ways the administration could assist in alleviating the challenges. Some of the issues raised at the meeting included difficulties for artists to practise and conduct shows, in addition to financial constraints and a lack of a proper workplace for the association. They went on to share with the President the difficulties faced by artists performing on resort islands and other challenges facing the industry.

Speaking with the members of the union, President Solih assured them of the administration’s commitment to address their concerns and to seek increased opportunities locally and abroad. The President went on to discuss ways the administration could facilitate the union in promoting and developing the industry further.