Vice President Faisal Naseem on Sunday officially inaugurated CT scan, mammography, and OPG services at Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital. He arrived in Ungoofaaru Island in the Raa Atoll this morning.

Speaking after inaugurating the services, the Vice President emphasised the priority placed by the administration on the decentralised delivery of public services, particularly improving access to healthcare services. He then spoke about the progress of the administration’s efforts to develop tertiary hospitals in five regions across the country.

Speaking further on the administration’s decentralisation policy, the Vice President said its aim is to make public services more accessible in all regions, eliminating the need for travel to Malé City for necessities. He then reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to considering the concerns of the people.

Over the past three years, the administration has pioneered significant improvements to healthcare services outside of Malé City. On this note, the Vice President stated that over 3,000 patients had CT scans done at healthcare facilities outside of the capital during the period.

During the Vice President’s visit to the hospital, he toured the facilities and inspected the new services. The hospital started offering CT scan services in October last year, with over 45 patients receiving the services by the end of December 2021. Three patients have undergone mammography while another 95 have received OPG service so far.