Vice President Faisal has met with the members of Maabaidhoo Island Council of Haddhunmathi Atoll, this morning, at the President’s Office. During the meeting, council members expressed their gratitude and lauded the incumbent government for implementing developmental projects on the island.

At the meeting, council members shared their plans for the development of the island and detailed the challenges faced by the residents. Councillors particularly voiced concerns about the seriousness of land erosion, the lack of staff and other resources within the education sector, challenges faced in the management of the Council Secretariat, the Health Centre and the management of waste on the island. They also shared concerns regarding the issues being faced by the island community as a result of the lack of police presence on the island. Council members also conveyed their desire to introduce local tourism to the island in the near future, seeking government assistance in this endeavour. Maabaidhoo council also revealed that the island mosque is pending renovations.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice President Faisal Naseem agreed to work alongside relevant authorities to address the issues raised by the council. Highlighting the economical value brought by the introduction of local tourism to the islands, the Vice President vowed to look into avenues to facilitate the process. Further, he emphasised giving special attention to nurturing children so that future generations grow up as responsible citizens, urging them to conduct various training and awareness programmes in order to accomplish the task.

The Vice President also reiterated to participate in the nationwide inoculation campaign “Dhifaau” initiated by the government against the spread of Covid-19.