Vice President Faisal Naseem has met with the senior management of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), this morning at the Hospital. Speaking during the meeting, the Vice President stressed the need to further develop and improve healthcare throughout the country to mitigate the need to travel abroad or to Malé City to seek medical services.

Vice President Faisal Naseem expressed his gratitude to the staff and senior management of IGMH for their tireless efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic. He highlighted the growth of atoll hospitals, regional hospitals and tertiary hospitals during the pandemic, with the support of IGMH. He stated that better coordination was required to maintain and improve decentralised healthcare.

The Vice President also emphasised the importance of being helpful, compassionate and caring to clients and patients in service delivery.

The senior officials of IGMH conveyed concerns and difficulties faced in managing the hospital, such as shortage of staff and financial challenges. They also shared information on their plans for service improvement, such as upgrading online services to reduce physical contact.

Vice President Faisal Naseem assured that he would direct the relevant government agencies to resolve the issues raised. Following the meeting, he toured the IGMH Stroke Centre and Centre for Mental Health, speaking with the staff and inquiring about the most pertinent concerns at their respective centres.