President Mohamed Nasheed has begun a tour to some islands of South Ari Atoll this morning.

As part of his tour, the President first visited Hangnaameedhoo. Addressing the people of the island, the President noted the importance of a transportation network for commercial activities to thrive, and said that commerce is necessary for the development of the country.

Breifing the people of the developmental projects planned for the island, President Nasheed said that the work of establishing a water and sewerage system would begin in August this year. The President also added that a Post Office Bank would be established in the island.

Furthermore, President Nasheed said that the realisation that every penny the government receives belonged to the people was a reality engraved in his heart. The President assured the people that every allegation of corruption against anyone in the government would be investigated and everyone found guilty would be prosecuted.

After Hangnaameedhoo, the President visited Omadhoo. Addressing the people of Omadhoo, he urged the people to do everything in a sustainable manner. The President also said that the work of water of sewerage system would begin this August.

President Nasheed said that he would uphold the principles of freedom of expression, and he welcomes criticisms.