Vice President Faisal Naseem has today met with the Members of the Kolhumadulu Atoll Hirilandhoo Island Council. At the meeting held at the President’s Office, this morning, Councillors discussed the development plans for Hirilandhoo island and talked about the most pressing issues and concerns of the island’s community with the Vice President.

Speaking during the meeting, Councillors expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the fast service of establishing a Bank of Maldives (BML) ATM last week to cater for the banking needs of the islanders. They noted that this was great ease when it came to the banking needs of the islanders.

Expressing the concerns of the residents of Hirilandhoo Island, the Council noted that one of the most pressing issues is the scarcity of land and inquired about the latest updates of the land reclamation project and water and sewerage project. They also noted that the islanders need health sector upgrades, school infrastructure upgrades and the need for more economic opportunities.

Addressing their concerns, the Vice President shared the latest updates regarding the development projects and plans for Hirilandhoo Island. In this regard, the Vice President stated that he would discuss with relevant authorities to find ways to speed up the land reclamation project. He also shared information on the Solar PV project to be carried out on the Island, treatment for victims of substance abuse and efficiently conducting administrative operations under the decentralisation policy. The Vice President further stated that he would discuss with relevant authorities and line ministries to work together in finding solutions to the issues noted by the Councillors.