Vice President Faisal Naseem, on Thursday, inaugurated the construction of the new powerhouse and the restoration work of the sewerage system in Fuvahmulah City. Speaking after inaugurating the projects during a virtual ceremony, the Vice President said these would bring an end to numerous longstanding concerns of the city’s people.

He emphasised the dire need for a new, modern powerhouse in the city and the necessity for restoration of the outdated sewerage system that has long afflicted the residents of Fuvahmulah. He said that he was hopeful that the new projects would bring a permanent solution to these issues and assured that the government is committed to further developing the city. He also highlighted the importance of empowering local councils to utilise their islands’ natural resources to enhance development.

Fuvahmulah City’s new powerhouse would have the capacity to generate 20 megawatts, with five new generators, as opposed to the 5.4 megawatts of power supplied by the existing powerhouse. This project is to be completed within 18 months and is estimated to remain operational for 30 to 40 years. The restoration of the sewerage system, overseen by Fenaka Corporation, is to be completed within six months. The project would see the establishment of new vacuum sewers, brand-new vacuum valves, and a new monitoring system that would ease the sewerage system's overall operation.