President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has decided to seek parliamentary consideration for the Maldives to join the "International Union for Conservation of Nature" (IUCN). The decision was made after deliberations by the Cabinet on a paper on the subject, proposed by the Ministry of Environment at today’s session.

IUCN, a membership Union, is the largest international conservation body comprised of representatives from government and civil society organisations (CSO's). It harnesses the experience, resources and reach of more than 1,400 member organisations from 170 countries around the world. IUCN is a democratic Union that brings together the world’s most influential organisations and top experts in a combined effort to conserve nature and accelerate the transition to sustainable development.

The IUCN has been a leading organisation in efforts towards nature conservation. The decision to join the organisation will present the Maldives with partnership and networking opportunities, as well as assistance to enhance efforts in the field of conservation of nature. The partnership will also develop much needed technical capacity in the Maldives towards conservation and sustainability of nature.