President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that the military oath, which derives from Islamic principles and the Maldives’ Constitution, embodies the core values that soldiers must uphold. Of these, he highlighted the particular importance of honesty and integrity, while urging soldiers to always put the defense of our religion, country, and constitution, ahead of individual interests. He expressed these sentiments while addressing graduates of the Maldives National Defence Forces’ (MNDF’s) 66th basic training course, at a ceremony held this morning at Maafilaafushi, Lhaviyani atoll.

President Solih acknowledged that during their training the recent graduates were tested on their physical and mental skills and on their ability to defend the nation. Emphasizing that the military profession requires discipline and the constant seeking of knowledge, the President urged them to pursue further educational and training opportunities, locally and abroad, to enhance their skillset and specialize in their respective fields.

Addressing them as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, the President emphasized that although the military must be trained to defend the country with force when necessary, their true purpose is to promote peace and security, and to avert conflict and bloodshed. Reiterating this sentiment, he added that the intention of strengthening our military’s capabilities is to help them to preserve the country’s peace and tranquility.

President Solih highlighted that one of the gravest threats confronting the country, and one of the key challenges faced by our security services, is terrorism. Speaking further, he expressed his conviction that the recent graduates of the MNDF’s 66th basic training course will utilize their knowledge and skill to do their utmost to prevent terrorism and violent extremism.

Concluding his remarks, President Solih thanked all military servicemen, citing that the armed forces are the first responders in times of crises, while acknowledging the many civic and social responsibilities discharged by our armed forces, even as part of their primary role of preserving national security. He thanked them for their patriotism and dedication.