Vice President Faisal Naseem has this afternoon inaugurated the newly developed bus stop near State Electric Company Limited (STELCO). STELCO built the new bus stop as a Corporate Social Responsibility project.

Speaking at the function held to inaugurate the bus stop, the Vice President emphasised the Government’s commitment to improving public services. Describing the bus stop as a new addition to public transportation in Malé City, the Vice President noted that it would provide extra convenience to commuters.

The Vice President further spoke about the various projects underway related to increasing road safety and reducing traffic congestion. He went on to stress the importance of civic responsibility, highlighting the need for everyone to be mindful and respect the rights of others.

The Vice President was joined at the function by Ahmed Naseem, the Minister of Health; Ahmed Sameer, Minister at the President’s Office; Hassan Mughnee, the Managing Director of STELCO; and senior officials of Government offices and institutions.