President Mohamed Nasheed has said that we need to consolidate democracy and instill the democratic values in our hearts to realise our aspirations for the development of the Maldives and take the country to our desired destination. The President made the statement, speaking at the function to announce the Addu Atoll Development Projects in Hithadhoo Muhibbuddeen School, this morning.

Speaking at the function, President Nasheed said that people’s love and support for the president and political parties should be based on the vision they present to the people. The President shared the government’s vision with the people. Further, he said that the projects announced today were included in this vision or the Manifesto.

President Nasheed said that he understands his people better than to deceive them by presenting unrealistic visions and unachievable development targets. Instead, he said that the role of the Government was to inform the people of efforts and projects being carried out for their progress.

At today’s function, President Nasheed signed the decree to corporatize ports and airport, and briefly spoke on the project. The President said that corporatizing the corporate activities within the state was more efficient and more beneficial for the people.

Projects announced, today, for the development of Addu Atoll include a project to provide water and sewerage system in the Atoll, a housing project, a project to develop hospital and a project to establish a legal training institute in Addu Atoll.

After the function, President Nasheed visited Southern Province Office and inaugurated issuing National Identity Cards from the Office.