President Mohamed Nasheed has said that the Government would develop Hulhumeedhoo of Addu Atoll as a centre for higher education. The President made the remarks, addressing the people of the island after laying the foundation stone of Law College and State Trading Organisation Complex.

Speaking of the developmental plans for the island, President Nasheed said that the work of establishing water and sewerage system would begin before the end of this year and road construction work would begin afterwards. Furthermore, the President spoke of the Government’s plans to build housing units and establish rehabilitation facilities in the island.

In his address, President Nasheed stressed that his administration operates properly within the established frameworks and systems. He also said that neither himself nor his party would act improperly and deceive the public to win a Parliamentary seat.

In his meeting with the people of Hulhumeedhoo, “Maavahi”, an association for environment and sustainable development of the island, presented President Nasheed a plaque in recognition of his efforts to protect the environment.