President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih spoke with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, over the telephone this afternoon.

The two leaders discussed bilateral relations between Maldives and Pakistan, which have continued to strengthen over the years on the basis of mutual respect and engagement, and a shared Islamic faith. The President and Prime Minister spoke positively regarding taking the bilateral partnership forward.

While discussing the global pandemic, Covid-19, the two leaders apprised each other on their countries’ respective situations with regard to the disease. The President commended Pakistan’s effective response, while briefing him on the Maldives’ existing and projected case numbers, explaining that the Maldives has had a recent spike in infections which health authorities have responded to with stricter measures. Acknowledging that the disease has severely impacted countries’ economies, particularly those of vulnerable countries such as the Maldives, the President praised Prime Minister Khan’s leadership in calling for debt-relief, through the G-20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative. He noted that this will be of particular benefit to small and developing countries.

Ending the call, the two leaders wished each other well and expressed their mutual commitment towards strengthening relations between the Maldives and Pakistan. Pakistani PM Imran Khan expressed hope that the Maldives' vibrant tourist industry will soon recover from the challenges of Covid-19.