Vice President Faisal Naseem has called upon the youth of the Maldives to educate each other and learn to be attentive and respectful during the learning process. He made this statement while making opening remarks at the inauguration of the 'Skills for a Resilient Workforce' program initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education in collaboration with Maldives Polytechnic, TVET Authority and Meery Project of the World Bank. The Vice President further expressed the importance of being keen learners who take calculated risks and face challenges head-on from a young age, firm in his stance that earning a living and being self-sufficient is a crucial undertaking for every young person.

Speaking at the event held this morning at the Maldives National University (MNU), Vice President Faisal Naseem underlined that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih affords special significance to assisting Maldivian youth towards constructive careers in their chosen field of work. The Vice President said that COVID-19 had caused severe damage to the Maldivian economy and had resulted in adverse impacts on the workforce of the country overall. He stated that it is vital to introduce training opportunities and build our national human resources if we are to overcome these challenges, cater to the deficiency in the workforce and rebuild the economy.

Additionally, the Vice President stated that an injection of young workers to the national workforce would help solve several social issues currently facing in the country, such as reducing the crime rates and mental health problems stemming from loneliness or boredom. He urged more Maldivian youth to participate in skill development programs and expressed his hope that these opportunities would help augment their journeys on their chosen career paths.