President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has today, under the the authority granted to him by Article 7(A) of special legislation to ensure the continued functioning of decentralized government, Act No.5/2020, appointed seven members to the newly reconstituted board of the Local Government Authority (LGA Board).

The President appointed the Minister of Home Affairs, Sheikh Imran Abdullah, as the Chairman. This is to fulfill the obligation under Article 140 of the Maldives’ Constitution, which mandates that a cabinet member should be responsible for overseeing bodies established by the legislature or executive (with the exception of constitutionally-mandated independent state bodies).

Other members appointed to the LGA Board include: Mohamed Shihaab, Special Advisor to the President at the President’s Office; Ahmed Sameer, Minister at the President’s Office; Fathimath Afshan Latheef, as Chief Executive Officer; Mohammed Mahir Eesa, Minister of State for Home Affairs; Ahmed Shareef, Minister of State for Finance; and Fathimath Niuma, the Deputy Minister of National Planning and Infrastructure.