President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih met with the Former President and current Speaker of the People’s Majlis, Mohamed Nasheed, regarding the national impacts of COVID-19.

The Speaker shared a report prepared by Majlis committees detailing the economic impacts and obstructions to daily lives and businesses caused by COVID-19, for the President’s consideration. The Speaker expressed his hope that the Government would find its contents useful, as it prepares guidelines relevant to easing restrictive measures proportionate to the country’s success in containing the virus.

The President thanked the Speaker for the hard work of the different committees involved in drafting the report. He further extended his gratitude to the Speaker and the members of the People's Majlis, for their assistance during this difficult time, noting that their ongoing work is crucial to helping the country recover and revive its economy. The President emphasized that all state and government institutions should work collaboratively in the fight against COVID-19, and noted that the support of the Legislature and Judiciary, in particular, is critical.

The Speaker also updated President Solih regarding the activities being carried out at the People's Majlis to assist the Government during this time.