Vice President Faisal has held discussions this evening with relevant institutions on improving and enhancing the emergency response services related to health issues.

During the online discussion held today, the Vice President spoke on a variety of relevant topics such as overcoming the current difficulties with providing emergency health services and minimising the response time for health emergencies without sacrificing the quality of service, highlighting that the emergency health services provided to pregnant women should be given special priority. The Vice President also underscored the need to strengthen the emergency health services provided within the atolls and noted that this can be accomplished most efficiently through all relevant regional institutions working together.

The meeting was joined by the Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services, Aishath Mohamed Didi, and senior representatives from State Trading Organisation (STO), Aasandha Company and other health institutes. The participants of the meeting updated the Vice President on their best recommendations to address the topics raised and agreed with the Vice President that the most efficient solutions can be found through mutual cooperation.