Vice President Faisal Naseem has visited the Hulhumale' Development Corporation (HDC) this afternoon to inspect the progress of ongoing housing projects. During the visit, members of HDC briefed the Vice President on project developments and gave a presentation outlining their intended outcome. The projects in question pertain to housing units meant for shared accommodation in order to reduce the collective rent-burden on tenants.

Accordingly, the HDC’s presentation, which centred on the concept of ‘co-living’, outlined the financial benefits of allowing low to medium-income earners to share the same living space in order to reduce costs. It is estimated that this option would allow hundreds of people within the Greater Male’ Region to have access to affordable accommodation while lessening their rent expenses. The Vice President noted that this option would be of particular benefit for individuals with short to mid-term housing needs, such as college and university students. Representatives from HDC stated that further details would be shared with the public as the project progresses.

The Vice President further enquired on the latest updates regarding other projects being overseen by HDC, with regard to Hulhumale' Phase I and Phase II. He also expressed his gratitude towards the managers and staff of HDC for their continued hard work towards easing the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.