Vice President Faisal Naseem has held discussions with the Minister of Higher Education, Dr Ibrahim Hassan, and Senior Officials from the Higher Education sector.

During the online discussion, the Vice President clarified the procedures in place to provide uninterrupted services to students in Higher Education institutions and the situation of overseas students, including the procedures in place to help them during this difficult situation. Moreover, Vice President highlighted a potential shortage of foreign teachers due to COVID-10 pandemic and inquired on the contingency plan placed to fill the shortage.

The Vice President further clarified re-opening plans of higher education institutions and discussed the precautionary and preventive measures that will during and following reopening.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Ibrahim Hassan said that priority will be given to conducting training programs and strengthen human resources in the sector. Furthermore, the Minister highlighted that the discussions are currently underway to provide financial support for students in need studying abroad on Government scholarships or through private financing. Moreover, Vice President Faisal Naseem clarified on different difficulties being faced by the institutions, teachers and students.

The Vice President urged all participants to collaborate and work together towards overcoming the obstacles faced. He also advised to ensure that plans and work are in line with the recommendations of health care professionals.