Vice President Faisal Naseem has held discussions with the Minister of Education, Dr Aishath Ali, and Senior Officials from the education sector.

During the online discussion, the Vice President clarified the procedures in place to provide uninterrupted services to students and inquired on the process of monitoring them regardless of the stringent measures being taken against Covid-19. Further, he discussed procedures to undertake studies during this period and the plans to follow to conduct exams. Moreover Vice President Faisal Naseem clarified difficulties being faced by teachers, students and students with special needs.

Minister Aishath Ali and Senior Officials of the education sector shared the planned procedures for continuing classes after the COVID-19 situation is under control. Moreover, the Senior Officials elaborated on precautionary and preventive measures that they will follow after reopening schools.

During the discussion, the Vice President urged all the participants of the meeting to collaborate and work together towards overcoming the obstacles faced. He also advised to ensure the plans and work are in line with the recommendations of health care professionals during this period.