President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has ordered that all government offices are to be closed from 19 to 30 April, following the announcement of a full lockdown of Male', Hulhumale'and Villimale' for 14 days, as a precaution against the further spread of COVID-19. The announcement from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) orders complete restriction of movement and ban on all vehicles and public transport services during this period.

This orders was delivered as the 11th directive of The President’s Office this year. Despite the temporary closure of government offices during this period, the provision of all essential services to the public will continue without interruption. The President stated that it's important that the minimum number of employees be physically present carrying out functions and to allow those who can work from home to do so.

These essential services include:

Health care Providers, Pharmacies
Water, Electricity and Sewerage services
Broadcasting services
Telecommunication and Internet services
Banking services
Cooking gas supplies and Fuel supply services
Airports and Seaports services
Maldives Customs Service, Maldives Immigration, Aviation Security Command
MNDF and Police services
Fire and rescue services
Judiciary services and courts
Diplomatic and consular services
Social protection services
Orphanages and shelter services
Correctional services
Waste management services
Meteorological services

President Solih noted that following the instruction of HPA would be best way to safeguard against COVID-19 and stressed that it is highly imperative to follow all guidelines and instructions of HPA during this period.