President Mohamed Nasheed has said that he never wanted to intimidate civil servants. He said this addressing the people of Gulhi of Male’ Atoll during his visit to the island. The President visited the island as part of the tour he began this afternoon to three islands of Male’ Atoll.

Addressing the people of Gulhi, President Nasheed said that he did not win the previous election by intimidating the people. People voted for him because they believed in his agenda and wanted to vote for him.

Furthermore, President Nasheed stressed that the only reason for the existence of his government was to serve the people and deliver on the promises. He said that if the Government policies were implemented appropriately through proper frameworks and systems, we would realise our desired development and progress for the Maldives.

However, the President also said that a complete legislative framework is necessary for the implementation of the Government policies. He added that that, there are at least 64 legislations required under the new Constitution, and noted the importance of formulating these legislations to facilitate change and reform.

Speaking in this regard, the President said that it is important for the Maldivian Democratic Party to win the majority of seats in the upcoming Parliamentary elections.