President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has extended his heartfelt condolences to former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom and the family of Moomina Abdul Gayyoom regarding her passing earlier today. Moomina Abdul Gayyoom was the younger sister of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.

Speaking with former President Maumoon over the phone, President Solih noted that it was with profound sadness that he received the news of her passing. He also highlighted that she had always fulfilled her duties with dedication. President Solih extended his sympathy to the members of the family.

The late Moomina Abdul Gayyoom began serving the Maldivian Government on 8th April 1958 as a teacher in Ameer Ahmed School and then at the Aminiyyaa School. Following a career gap, she resumed serving the government as the Helper at the National Centre for Linguistic and Historical Research. She was promoted to Senior Helper, Assistant Director and Director General throughout her years of service.

Moomina was also responsible for several development projects at “Galolhu Avashuge” and earned her first pension on 1st September 2007. She was 79 years at her passing.