President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has extended condolences to the family of Fathimath Jameel, acclaimed for her extensive contributions to the development of women in the Maldives. President Solih spoke on the phone with Abdulla Jameel, the brother of late Fathimath Jameel and coveyed his sincerest condolences for their loss.

During the call, the President expressed that he was deeply saddened to hear the news of her passing and extended his heartfelt sympathy to the members of the family. Ms Jameel passed away at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital this afternoon while being treated for heart disease. She was 80 years.

Ms Jameel began serving the Maldivian government on 26th June 1955 as a teacher in Madharusathul Salahiyya. Following a career gap between 7th January 1958 and 16th April 1981, she resumed serving the government as the President of the Women’s Committee. Since then, Ms Jameel had worked in women’s development in various positions for more than 13 years, filling positions such as Director at the Office for Women’s Affairs, Director General at the Department of Women's Affairs and Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Youth, Women's Affairs and Sports.

Some of her notable appointments also include serving as a Parliament Member appointed by the President and serving as a consulting member to the President.

The late Fathimath Jameel is survived by a son and three daughters.