President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has ordered that all government offices are to be closed from 19 to 26 March as a precaution against the spread of the global pandemic COVID-19, after meeting with the cabinet today. Despite the temporary closure of government offices during this period the provision of all essential services to the public will continue without interruption, by allowing the minimum number of employees necessary to carry out these functions, to come into work at the relevant institutions and agencies.

These essential services include:

  1. Health service centres and Pharmacies
  2. Judiciary services and courts
  3. MNDF and Police services
  4. Water, Electricity and Sewerage services
  5. Diplomatic and consular services
  6. Social protection services, orphanages and shelter services
  7. Airports and Seaports services
  8. Maldives Customs Service, Maldives Immigration, Aviation Security Command
  9. Broadcasting services
  10. Banking services
  11. Fire and rescue services
  12. Metrological services
  13. Cooking gas supplies and Fuel supply services
  14. Waste management services
  15. Correctional services

The Cabinet also discussed actions to be taken to further strengthen existing precautions against COVD-19. In this regard they emphasized the need to ensure that the public’s behaviour are aligned with the advice of the health authorities, including to limit public gatherings, to travel only for emergencies, and to practice social distancing. Further, they spoke on the necessity of supporting the institutions tasked with enforcing these measures, and praised the effectiveness of the current measures in terms of limiting the spread of COVID-19 within the country.

At the meeting, the President assured Majlis members that he will take all necessary action to ensure that the Maldivian people remain safe from this virus.