Vice President Faisal Naseem has met the members of North Maalhosmadulu Atoll Council. The meeting took place this afternoon at the Raa Atoll Regional Hospital.

During the meeting, the Atoll Councillors shared several pertinent issues and concerns with the Vice President as well as ideas for future development of the atoll.

In this regard, the Atoll Councillors noted that with fiscal autonomy provided though the recently ratified amendment to the Decentralization Act, some islands have raced to initiate projects and as a result, several issues are raising. The Councillors suggested creating some principles regarding how projects are conducted. They also noted that the existing ferry system in the Atoll requires an upgrade and highlighted the need to develop further human resources.

At the meeting, the Vice President emphasised that the administration is working towards easing the issues in all Maldivian communities. He also urged the Councillors to closely monitor ongoing development projects within the Atoll and requested the Councillors to help their constituents work together towards achieving societal harmony and to spread awareness regarding wellness and healthy lifestyles.