President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has attended the ‘Coral Festival 2020’ organized by the Maldives Coral Institute (MCI) held in Male’ Atoll Thulusdhoo Island today.

The Coral Festival included panel talks, activities related to marine life, along with information sessions on corals, marine species and organisms.

The President observed two of the ongoing panel discussions which were carried out during the festival. He also visited some of the stalls showcasing Maldivian products which portrayed the Maldivian culture and heritage.

Speaker of the Parliament, President Mohamed Nasheed, Minister of Tourism, Ali Waheed, Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources, and Agriculture Zaha Waheed, Minister at the President's Office, Ahmed Naseem and Minister at the President’s Office, Mohamed Shifaz participated in the coral festival along with other parliament members and senior officials representing environmental organizations.

The academic debates carried out during the festival focused on the negative impacts of anthropogenic activities resulting in the release of harmful greenhouse gases to the atmosphere at alarming levels and its contribution to the warming of the planet and sea level rise as well as temperature fluctuations in our oceans and its impact on marine life.