The President convened an NSC meeting today in light of the cowardly knife-attack that took place in Hulhumalé two nights ago. The Government would like to reiterate that the safety and security of the public remains our highest priority, and that we will take swift action against any party threatening or attempting harm on anyone within Maldivian territory. With regard to the incident, a police investigation is underway and three suspects are in custody. The attack’s victims are presently under medical care and are recovering.

Following the meeting, the President made an appeal to the public, asking them to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity, additionally underscoring that there is no space in the Maldives' for extremist ideologies. Furthermore, he asked that they rely on trusted government sources for information regarding the incident. 

The government is closely monitoring the situation, and is working with police to find out more information about the attack, its motives, and the identities of its perpetrators. We will keep the public informed on all developments.